woman? is that meant to insult me? i would return the slap, if i took you for a man

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Doing some super heroine redesigns! Teenage/street clothing super heroines? I dunno, but I’m liking the idea that maybe its not all just spandex everywhere!

Batgirl and Wonder Woman are up first :)

These are really lovely - I look forward to seeing more of your redesigns :) I’m really into that WW cropped top and the bat headband + domino mask combo.


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I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

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A sketch I did while at work break. I’ve always been a fan of Dick and Barbara, but I always have very present in my head the idea of how horrible it must be for her to hear the words “I’m ok, it’s nothing”, because with members of the Batman family that usually means the complete opposite. I’m sure they’ll get back together, eventually. Drew Dick with his Batman costume because why not.

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Finding parallels in comics is one of my very favorite hobbies. Particularly when they pertain to my OTP. ;-)

Guys, just remember, you cannot ever, ever fool The Best Friend. XD

(Not that they were being particularly subtle in the first place. Really, you two? You’re supposed to be superheroes, right? Isn’t being good at hiding things supposed to come with the territory? Was doing your very best impression of two kids who got busted holding hands on the playground really the best you guys could do? Really? I cannot even handle your ridiculousness. Dorks. <3)

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